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>> live from pier 3 in san -- new york. we are covering the global technology and media companies that are reshaping our world. i am cory johnson. our focus is on innovation, technology, and the future of business. let's get straight to the rundown. a coding lesson from mark zuckerberg. his video is one of many for children entered the encoding. an initiative that wants an hour of your time at this week. follow you can around the web, now apple is using technology to volume around the store. is tryingkson to make apple one of the most -- to the lead. the biggest names are speaking with the united states urging american children to learn to code. it comes as a critical time as u.s. students according to a new rank has american students ranked 21st in science and 26 in a map. askedr of code initiative people to spend our coding. it kicks off computer science education week. org.s sponsored by code. here is president obama. notearning these skills are important for your future but for our country's are. if you want america to stem the cutting edge tom a we need young americans to mas
was largely at boeing, for a while at ford, and no hands-on technology experience. technology is something that impacts all kinds of companies all over the world. iker soft is selling to all of those companies. -- microsoft is selling to all of those companies. they really are at a crossroads. are they going to focus on fixing microsoft, or focus on the future of technology? whonderstand the guy understands the microsoft cloud business is the guy who is the other internal candidate. and that is a very forward- looking -- eli?at about >> from what i understand, he is not in the final picking. that -- just say >> the speculation will obviously continue to swirl. >> i also want to point out, as you both surely know, steve ballmer has said in the past, alan mullally would be a great leader for any company. the guy is an engineer. a lot of what needs to go on at microsoft is engineering. he's a leader., i would be a little bit guilty of subject adoration, but so is everyone around this guy. i watched the people who work for him. they love him. he walked out on the street today after the good mo
.s., australia, and others combined. payment ranges from the lira to the yen. ebay enterprise -- use technology to make payments for the world's biggest brands. all of it adds up to more than $14 billion in revenue for ebay last year. >> for more on the booming business, i am joined by the man who is responsible for turning them into a global e-commerce platform and a leader in global payments. john donahoe is the ceo of ebay. under his leadership, they have grown to over $15 billion today. congratulations on that. this is a big time of year for you. >> we're happy to have you here. happy to host you. >> let's talk about thanksgiving. how did it go for ebay? >> it was a very strong week. it has never been a better time to be a consumer. technology is changing how we are able to shop. it is no longer just about black friday. it is the cyber five. it started on thanksgiving day. people shop on their couch. they start shopping on their smartphone or tablet or laptop. that continues throughout the holiday weekend. for that five day period, we saw at all of our properties -- a 96% increase in mobile
our world. i am emily chang. our focus is on innovation, technology, and the future of business. there was a self driving car and then a plan to use whether weather balloons for wi-fi. it looks like amazon might use robots and the former head of android is part of it. in china the government has cleared the way for the largest cell carrier to offer four g services, and that could mean hundreds of millions of new customers. how do you put together the management team? we asked the guy who has done it. maynard webb is here for "office hours." first, to the lead. google is known for its far- reaching projects like google glass and the self driving car. now the latest moonshot involves robots. the company has required seven robotic companies in japan. ceo larry page writes, i am excited about andy rubin's next project. android started as a crazy idea. it ended up putting a in hundreds of thousands of pockets. it is still early. can't wait to see the progress. what might google be doing with these robots, and how might it compare with the delivery drone amazon is testing? first, what
of the web companies as well. they see a real value proposition where we can provide technology to them, fundamental at technology to create integrations and mobile. at the same time, we can build revenue around that. by putting those two things together, we have been able to solve the fundamental problem of how do you make honey and mobile? how do you build that business? without cargo, it is hard to do. what do your clients one most from you? know they have a partner that understands what premium is, that is respectful of the brand and how long it has taken them to build that brand. cpmt dollars, high premium dollars. with a sales force that understands mobile. if you can help them understand mobile and bring them the dollars they would not get themselves, there is nothing better. they keep coming and saying, cargo, you solved our mobile advertising challenges. you have a lot of social media integration. you have made of advertising. this gets a lot of allegories of what your client -- categories of what your client wants. >> whether it is the better homes & gardens of the wo
to their many retail partners what the technology behind ebay allows for these retailers to do in their stores. we know that paypal is available in a lot of store locations. how do you explain that to retailers who see business change quickly? you build something like this. >> this looks like a shopping mall. >> this is where the honey mustard is. >> but it is not a store at all. it is a fake storefront built by ebay to demonstrate the future of shopping. >> this is our technology playground. it gives us an opportunity to showcase what we have put into the market. >> hill ferguson is the chief product officer. >> if you look at what e- commerce retailers were able to do for online shoppers, personalizing the website and giving them custom storefronts when they register and come back to it, none of that is in the offline world today. >> for paypal, that means for having businesses to replace cash registers with ipads that run paypal software, to swapping wallets for phones. they are also partnering with brands, rolling out high-tech touch screen walls like this one in san francisco. >> it is an
do your shopping which is created to touch off some of the technology that ebay has. you can use something like apal, your phone or -- paypal, your phone or tablet. we'll look at how ebay helped transform itself and get ready for the future. >> we'll have much more on ebay business throughout the day. first i want to tell you how much the company has grown over the last decade. here's a look. ebay, the global commerce and payment company with 31,000 employees in 33 countries around the world, driving three different businesses. there is the online marketplace where 124 million active users buy, sell or bid on more than 500 million items. in the u.s. alone, a flat screen tv gets sold every six minutes. men's sunglasses, a pair every 18 seconds and globally every minute, 362 pieces of clothing, shoes or accessories are sold just on mobile devices. then there is paypal. where people spent or receive money 729 million time last quarter. more than the populations of the u.s., south america and australia combined. you can paye pay in 26 different currencies on paypal ranging from the t
of the technology that ebay has in this whole changing retail space where you now can you something like paypal or even just your phone or your tablet. a clothing store. we're going to go into a really in depth look at how ebay transforms its and get ready for the future, basically. >> all right, jon. we'll have much more on ebay's business throughout the day. but first, i want to go through ebay by the numbers and tell you how much the company has grown over the last decade. here's a look. ebay, the global e-commerce and payments company, with more than 31,000 employees in 33 countries round the world. driving three different businesses. there is the online marketplace, where 124 million active users bikers sell or bid on more than 500 million items. in the u.s. alone, a flat screen tv gets sold every six minutes. men's unglasses, a pair every 18 seconds. and globally, every minute, 362 pieces of clothing, shoes or accessories are sold on mobile devices. then, there is paypal. the digital payment where people send or receive money 729 million times last quarter. that is more than the populatio
in commercial airspace is the question. >> it is more about regulatory than the technology. >> that is correct. the technology is here today to fly these -- what we call unmanned platforms -- in a fairly precise way. >> government is about 52% of rockwell collins business. coming up, the fight over frequent flyer miles is next. plus, are you ready? we are going to go to america's quietest town. [whispering] it is really quiet. ? >> in wild card today, aviation nation. there is so much happening in the world of flight. you have new jet makers trying to solve battery problems and other issues with machinery. the faa is weighing whether you can use smartphones during takeoff. we will start with a story that hits closer to home for business travelers, franca, all over the world. it is a case before the supreme court and it is about one man and his miles. >> rabbi binion ginsberg, a lecturer who travelers a lot. he was a member of the northwest airlines frequent flyer program. he had elite status and flew some 75 times a year and northwest kick him out of the program, which it says in its terms it
and draw lines straight to technology. is important but we need to think more broadly than that. >> i think without a doubt that startups and technology are intimately linked. tech is one of the absolute standardbearers, one of the hot topics in terms of taking the u.k. start up seen fourth. a half a million number is a business every minute. every sector you can think about. .ech is a proven winner that is driving an awful lot of start up activity. >> is a crowding out others? is a danger that we see that and crowd out others? >> everything so great i think technology is so ubiquitous and across the many things, historic sectors like advanced goingcturing have so much on. there's no doubt about it. technology is driving a huge amount of progress right now. jobs in london have come out of the tech sector. 90,000 brilliant firms that are driving it. i think we should be championing the fact that tech is a big heart of the story about why britain is back in business now. they might have an argument with that. >> neil from the outside, what more can we be doing? what more can we be doing to he
technology, that is the match that they are betting on. with hedgeg to start funds and the case against steve collins sac capital -- steve cohen's sac capital. claimsthe defendants that calling himself can help his defense. what is the latest? >> these a lot -- these findings came out late on friday, facing trial in january, we know that he will not testify in this case and that he intends to assert his constitutional rights, but that he did produce a 40 pages of the main deposition with the sec in which he stated he made trades in shares of wyatt since acquired by pfizer based on advice from a friend and fellow hedge fund manager. they say that this bolsters the defense and he says he wants to prove that he had nothing to do with the decision to liquidate those holdings and short sale stocks in 2008, he faces 20 years of convicted. >> so, what is in the 40 pages? >> he told as a see back in may that his trades were based on advice from a friend. wives areinner, the friendly, "he considers wayne one of the great health care paystors and said he would him $20 million per year is a consultant.
- called 4g technology and they had to wait. >> china mobile in particular, it has the most subscribers but only 45% of the nations three g users. >> apple need to china mobile. >> cinergy partnership for both of them. >> cinergy partnership. carl icahn has been making waves as well. harvard poll from showing a majority of young people not on board with the president's health care plan. they are not interested in signing up. according to the survey, only 22% of young americans between 18 and funny nine plan to sign up. a third of >> which -- between 18 and 29 plan to sign up. leaked -- >> news that they released it. >> those are the front-page story. >> we have two wonderful guest hosts. -- betath beta workds, works. chief investment officer. likef these cute spellings tumblr. and we have tim adams. president and chief executive officer -- i can say this -- institute for international finance. he is a former undersecretary for international affairs at the state department and was policy -- policy director for bush- cheney campaign out of the state of kentucky as well. it is an important
. american will remain on its technology system which is more advance and will help them fine sell travelers. >> it seems you will have three. you have american and delta with a combination of northwest and then united airlines with a combination that they put together with continental. these things do not always go smoothly. u.s. airways did have a hard time with america west when they merged. you have more than enough competition with three big carriers. niche carriers and you have a lot of competition in the industry rationalize where they can charge the right price for their project. to benefiting pilots? we know they are going to have a very large equity position. aside from the equity asition, what this means is more stable business. you pretty much marry your carrier for life when you are in airline employee. a stable carrier grows and means better job security and when they can buy newer airplanes. pilots love that. routes for working purposes and the ability to travel. >> speak about the transatlantic market. >> it is a very competitive market. america faces competition for internat
act. she joins us from washington, d.c. it a little ironic given that many of the technology companies have been cooperating? is this just political posturing? >> we have been debating privacy since 9/11 nine years ago. this is really the first time they are weighing in and saying the government has gone too far. >> except for the fact that they have a lot braided if the government in certain cases, right? >> right. i think what prompted the new movement is the recent revelation that they are not just serving the companies with court orders that hacking into the system overseas where the laws do not apply. it might have been what pushed them over the edge to get involved. >> the people who run the companies are powerful. they account for a large part of the united states economy. how is the government likely to respond? >> this as a whole new voice to the privacy debate. by this he advocates and members of congress have been taken -- taking a principled stake. this is really a game changer. president is expecting a report from the pointed review rupe just this week. president obama sai
says it continues to expanded most districts with gains noted in motor vehicle and technology industries. many expressed optimism about near-term growth prospects. there is also an upbeat assessment of consumer spending. looking forward to the holiday season, retailers reported being hopeful and cautious. they were reported as moderate to strong. on the key question, what is going on in the labor market? the beige book reports hiring showed a modest increase. difficulty with qualified workers for high skilled --itions was frequently him frequently reported. inflation was not a problem anywhere. the next big report for the fed to consider, the jobs report. back to you. >> we will have more on the beige book coming out. scott brown, chief economist will join us. we will get his analysis and what is next for the fed as the central bank enters into a new era. today, president obama outlined his plan. the president speech and what it could mean in the coming months. >> calling it the defining challenge of our time, president obama laid out broad plans. what was called a preview of
people are probably wondering, where can i find a job? technology could be the long- term answer. they say that computer related jobs are expected to rise by 2020. this is the founder of a computer coding school. he says there is a need for computer programmers to help boost a global, sustainable economy. he joins us now from our san francisco euro. welcome to bottom line. thank you for your time tonight. what is the answer to improving the unemployment rate? >> it is a good question. i obviously don't have the full picture for the answer. but i think a big piece of the puzzle isle that's -- that there is a huge demand. it breaks my heart to know that there are thousands of job openings and millions of unemployed americans. quickf the answer is programs that focus on getting american talent into these jobs. >> what is key in the evolution of education? our camps and programs like it the wave of the future? >> it is part of the future. the biggest key as that this country has a fascination with higher education, which is great. at the same time, we seem to be hypnotized with the i
it takes to get out? >> technology is disrupting all kinds of businesses, vacation rentals included. it comprises almost one million paid listings in 171 countries. with me from austin, texas. company,se of your more room to relax, less cost than a traditional hotel. >> we started this business in 2005 and the demand keeps going up. just in the u.s. and europe alone, 21 million families own second homes and vacation outlets. better than it has ever been. see demand up sharply over the year before. >> not that surprisingly, there are a lot of sunny spots where people who have vacation homes want to rent. >> no matter what time of the year, you find that the beach is always the most attractive option. tends to comprise 70% of vacations. we see beach at the top of the list, hawaii, various marks and florida always the biggest. mix of skietty big destinations, two. breckenridge, lake tahoe, aspen colorado. >> how do you make your money? companies and people are paying you to list homes. is there any other revenue source? >> the question changing quite a bit has been big news over the la
to understand how to use technology. for a long time we did not know how. >> and then there is the importance of the principal. that is something we focus on. my wife's father was a principal. they spend a lot of time on the boiler or the leaky roof. there is no peers to talk to. it is a lonely, hard job. it is a difficult job. we are working at the boston college to work with principals to help them get the best methods and tools. and then the teacher is the second most important. they are the leaders. jack welsh, that is the principle. lea iacocca. >> jack welsh, what is it they have, you would go around and do a self analysis of companies and you would look for things that you could identify and know they had the potential to grow. and they had a culture. and they had a plan to grow. what do great managers do? >> there are two types. somebody who comes up with an idea, and then you have to grow it. iacocca had to turn around chrysler. even more challenging, a company like general electric, make something good better. that is really hard. all of these people are problem solvers. they have a
look at the technology and media companies shaping our world. i'm emily chang. let's get to the rundown. nelson mandel died at the age of 95 and tributes are pouring in around the globe. >> we've lost one of the most influential and courageous. he belongs to the ages. >> mandela served 27 years in prison after convicted of treason with the white minority government. three years later, he won the nobel peace prize. he became the first elected black president. has died atmandela 95. we'll have more later in the show. meantime, our top tech story, twitter has added the first woman to their board effective immediately. she was ceo of pearson until last year. twitter faced controversy for not having a woman board member. "there could not be a more exciting time to join." what is the latest? >> this was a priority to have tha woman joing the board. there are a number of things her the right candidate . she is smart and a forward thinking person. speaking with someone who worked with her, she pushed the envelope on the industry. the international experience and media experience is helpful for
on paypal, ranging to the japanese yen. finally, ebay enterprise, helping bring technology like touchscreen walls and payments to more than 500 of the world's biggest retailers. thanf it adding up to more $14 billion of revenue for ebay last year. >> big numbers. silicon valley is certainly known for talent wars. tech companies battle each other for top engineers. throwing in a few perks. jon erlichman tells us ebay is actually taking a no thrills approach and it seems to be working. gourmet mealsee at facebook, the ping-pong tables at google, silicon valley is known for offering plenty of employee perks. ebay takes a different approach. >> we have a variety of different perks but that is not the way we ask people to join our country. qwest there is a free jim and shuttles but employees pay for on-campus food dry-cleaning and massages. >> the purpose working for our country -- company. people come and believe in our purpose. qwest that purpose to enable $21 billion worth of global commerce by 2015. ebay is adding to its army of technologists and customer support staff, already more than 31,
car. it is a car that is loved and followed all over the world. it has modern technology, but the styling tells you it is a mustang. it is a lighthouse banner car rollout 25 cars in five years in our european launch that we announced a few months ago. was the first iteration of the mustang, the one that was in "goldfinger." i did ask him at the end. what is your favorite mustang? he said, i was a marketing plan manager in detroit for mustang in 1992 and he said, i have to go with the 1991-1992 mustang which was read, a red convertible with a white interior. , that was the car that made me fall in love with the mustang. >> the 65-67 shelby were nice cars as well. so, ford opening the door with the mustang. gm closing the door with chevy. >> it is incredible. talk about timing. gm announcing today, chevrolet, expandingare doing is . still will be a presence in russia. you can still buy chevy brand in europe if you want. some iconic brands will remain within europe such as the corvette. why are they removing themselves? deliveries in the first 10 months of the year down by 1
. the guestrooms and public areas are getting a new look, an update from its neoclassical feel. new technologies being installed, all being done with an eye to the building's history. among the auction highlights, to crystal chandeliers with a price of over $8,000. this oil painting which the hotel hopes will fetch over $65,000 or differs items are bit much for your flat, and how about silver cutlery, crystal champagne glasses and silver napkin holders? hotel closes next week and will reopen in autumn next year. angus bennett, bloomberg. >> i think i have all the crystal chandeliers i can pay for. >> quite cheap, actually, 8000. a hospital before? >> our next guest says tapering in the u.s. means the economy has well and truly arrived back in the bridal. stay with us. -- as well and truly arrived bridle. stay with us. ♪ >> welcome back to "countdown." i mark barton. >> our next guest says the introduction of tapering in the u.s. could be bad for investors and probably worse for equities and bonds. let's caso minds back to the end of last week. we had some data on job creation in the u.s. tha
and he is a terrific leader. he excites people. the question that you have to ask -- does technology fit? does it stretch beyond his capability? >> he says that he expects to stay at least through 2014. he is dedicated to ford. we will continue to move forward. >> what mr. mulally and the ford crew really want to talk about is the new mustang. this is earlier this morning. >> it represents the heart and soul of the new company -- the company at its best. it is a really big day. 50th anniversary and we could not be more happy to be presenting this. the mustang has universal appeal. to put it into perspective, the mustang has over 5.5 million followers or fans on the spot. over half of them are outside of the u.s. in the four corners of the globe. it has universal appeal. it ignites that sense of freedom and optimism. it is very consistent. it transcends genders, demographics, and nations. >> alan mulally says it is all part of the one ford plan that was put into motion seven years ago. >> we decided to provide best in class vehicles. also, to make something affordable. >> which was the id
. there will be testing. the technology will be demonstrated in a mock auction. one of the big complaints about the exchange was not adequate into to and testing before it launched. >>, god, for over 30 years, -- coming up, for over 30 years iranand israeli -- relations have been strained. "bottom line"n continues. ♪ >> welcome back. this is "bottom line," on bloomberg television and streaming on your phone, tablet, and on lesson of the equity markets finished. s&p roseose to -- the to another record. let's look at the numbers. the broader index was up to 180 8. dow was up. nasdaq was up six points. you the stories behind the numbers. su is in the newsroom with the details. >> a good evening. people get more comfortable with the idea that that may begin to taper. fed may begin to taper. could impact from the vockel rule create more ways? had this to say. >> it is a possibility we will be going to far. watch and see. i am not being a pessimist. i am being pragmatic. -- i do think i know more about adult margins than most. i am alarmed it may be too far. it may have unintended is
technology. a number of technology giants have called on president gong to have greater restrictions on government security. looking the companies for? >> what they want the government o do is curtail their electronic surveillance programs. it is eight of the biggest tech written an o have open letter to president obama and the congress. today.s in papers effectively they appear to be more specific in what they want. one thing they want is there to the authority o of the government to access online. e-mail and data we heard effectively that kind c.e.o. of t from the google saying we have been doing in terms of encryption and -- of data but we have learned the government is taking the data servers. so that undermines our effort. that is the first thing is see put on the government's ability and authority to access information in the world. >> but what we are talking about only way the n.s.a. is collecting data. page fectively what larry is talking about is the n.s. afpa. muscular that the world learned about in october here they gained access and kind of joked about it leaked by andd
. to technology, it is easy for a carmaker to look at different models using the same set of parts. other components could be shared so each model does not require -- if in the olden days you have to sell 100,000 cars of a given even, now you can sell three different models at -- $30,000 each. not that there are not pitfalls. mercedes stop selling one of its models. automakers have very curious -- they're clever things you can do. it doesn't always mean you should. there.grobart out anned to find admission. ♪ >> welcome back to "countdown." i am anna edwards. >> i am mark barton. the ford mustang is gearing up in the narrow streets of europe for the first time. iconic american car will go on sale in the region. we are joined by the ford president. he joins us from barcelona with that latest car that will be unveiled this afternoon. thank you for joining us. pleasure. good morning to you. >> why has it taken 50 years for to sell the ford mustang in europe? that is a great opening question. business people are so interested in the mustang. they imported themselves. darwin million facebook
not come in financial services. maybe it is technology. it will be cybersecurity. the big crisis i do not think will be in an ansell services. >> number two is the blackrock president. he says it is time to be a little cautious. time, people are very concerned about their future investment. they have seen the stock market do pretty well. they are concerned about where bonds are. they're looking to squeeze more return out of their assets. how much more can they squeeze when they have the finger on the button? we have an institute that an exhaustiven way. over half of our senior portfolio managers think that lower growth for longer is where we're going to be. let me describe a little bit about what that means. people think they are diversified in their risk. bonds and stocks have , they may notted be as diversified in risk as they think. we are looking to get them to think about a 2.5% gdp growth which is fairly slow. stocks are being priced more about the price of momentum versus the earnings. revenues are not coming in where everybody thought. pretty top asng far as valuation go. they
technology making its way into the world of sneakers. 3-d printing technology, digital manufacturing is helping to change the look and feel of shoes. i asked him if he would be using these new shoes when he was expected to be playing for the first time since his injury on friday night. here's what he had to say. --i'll probably be able probably be wearing them. you're going to need to -- i did not hear all of the players and as you mentioned earlier, .ast year i got on the court i am thinking i should've been named in that. my skills were ridiculous. who did he name? >> bill russell, cream abdul kareem abdul- -- jabbar, magic, and larry bird. about beinghe talk a businessman? he said he doesn't want to get necessarily be a team owner. he is one of the first basketball players that win big in china. so many others have followed. if you want to be a business person after your playing career, that has to start for you and your link career. you interviewed mark ark or -- ofker, he does not go to all these events. he said kobe is a tough customer. what he in, he knows wants. he wants to t
of these companies. it is an amazing moment right here where we have american companies using the best technology to keep the government at bay because they do not trust their own government. microsoft is trying to close that doors because they do not trust the government to do it for them. >> the tech companies trying to keep that information private. who do you think lindsay? -- when -- wins? >> we know they have not been because we know these backdoors have not worked in these cases. it does not look like the government is willing to back down. we know they have spent tens of the veins of dollars, a couple billion, just holding a big data center in utah, where we are building one that has its own water supply and the ability to store these information to all , that thatnies expenditure will continue, even if they are behind in this race. they might not have the best and the brightest. >> allen, who wins this? >> i think there is broad consensus ,n a number of -- reforms including additional oversight and transparency efforts. i do not think it is an all or nothing in area. there is a lot of mo
the ebay that you have never seen before. we will talk about how they became a technological giant. . . click the big pension fund that is not been shy -- >> the big pension fund that is not done shy. a link to the new town, connecticut school shooting. >> and disrupting the weight- loss industry with an app that does a lot more than count calories. click from bubble to bust to boom. any commerce giant has seen it all in silicon valley. we will show you ebay by the numbers. makers"watching "market everybody. it is 11:00 on a friday here in new york city. >> in just a few minutes we will break down the world of fitness. until then, we got to get to the newsfeed, the top business stories from around the world. we have not seen unemployment is low in five years. the economy has 200-3000 jobs added last month. -- 200 thousand three -- the economy has 200,000 jobs added last month. more than estimated. and hedge funds are headed for year for the s&p 500 since 2005. bloomberg crunched the numbers and found the average hedge fund return just over seven percent through the end of octob
a year and it is 25 million more a year. it will be the technology that promotes faster downloads. it will give you a network inside of china. there are two trips to china this year. and you look at the revenue the potential of selling the rep -- the potential of selling it, you will see why. it is 13% and, in terms of revenue, it represents a massive market for apple and it looks like it has cleared a regulatory hurdle. >> he has been busy. what is the latest on the calls to boost the stock buyback? >> he is: for a buyback and he is pushing for a shareholder vote. , you cannotting have a vote on this. we have him dialing back to demands. he is lowering that a little bit. some reports say this 50 billion. he is also disclosing his size of state and be .5% of apple is what carl icon has. it is nonbinding and that is a crucial distinction. for -- toorce apple put out more money. they will unload from their books. >> thank you for that update. these are the top headlines. the bank of england is seeking an exemption from a stress test. herell conduct an example and convince regulators
. >> and a story percolating from the nsa -- spying and technology. david kirkpatrick is with us. effect.""the facebook the movie is out memorial day 2017. >> i wish. >> this is serious stuff. we have a lot of information. fancy guys wrote about pushing back. >> they should push back. trust is their stock in trade. the u.s. government has seriously undermined it. it is ironic if you think about this as one of the most powerful industries. it is one of our great hopes. the u.s. government basically went and said be scared of these people if you live in brazil. >> did the government do that or did edward snowden? >> the government did that because they should have realized there was no way to keep it secret forever. >> what would you suggest mr. zuckerberg will do next? >> the economic necessity to push back is so great. they will increase the pressure dramatically. why is amazon not on that list? you look at the list, and they're one of the most important tech companies. they are absent. >> it is likely. >> they are all was the outlier. >> i would love to know those discussions were like.
. they do not think you can transfer over the technology boom. if needed to help the budget. >> the economic data seems that it has been picking up. the results have not been strong. you look at ibm and cisco and they have seen shrinking cyst -- sales. >> this is a model. most of this criticism to paul ryan of wisconsin -- if you make a model, make it a model that can work out. we have not seen that. we have not seen the view forward on paper. of your favorite topics, bitcoin. matt miller is in the process of acquiring bitcoin at this very moment. matt, i want to see this going down. >> i'm a little concerned about having to hand someone $800 in actual money for one bitcoin. we will see how it works out. that may be enough money for a down payment or at least a and theon a fiat 500 italian company hopes to sell a lot more of those, especially in new york. they have a plan to go upscale, upmarket and bring the production for a lot of cars back to italy. in order to do that, he wants to sell more maseratis. he wants to sell more of those fiat 500s and he is going to bring all of the production
and the business has grown dramatically. is selling one ticket every second. >> technology was the enabler for this online secondary ticket marketplace to happen. class features like interactive seat mass and mobile ticketing and ways to buy a couple of seats and split the bill with a friend. stub hub is a risk for ebay. the business has much worse mark -- margins. fallengross margins have since the stub hub acquisition. paypal surely furthered the trend. every april mental dollar of stub hub profits compresses ebay's overall margins. milking big data could be the key to improving it. we are is a new science trying to develop and trying to understand that. >> stub hub's chief technology officer. already.w buyers where we are taking it to the next level is understanding user's pick data. it is what they are might be intending to do. >> for more on the inter--- innerworkings of ebay, jeff on how the auction site has grown and what problems it will face in his -- in its expansion. campushnson is at ebay's as we speak. , into anclearly grown online giant. tell us this scale of ebay right now.
emily chang. our focus is on innovation, technology, and the future of business. there was a self driving car and then a plan to use weather balloons. it looks like amazon might use robots and the former head
-- does technology fit? doesn't stretch beyond his capability? >> he says that he expects to stay through 2014. he is dedicated to ford. we will continue to move forward. and the fordulally crew want to talk about is the new mustang. >> it represents the heart and soul of the new company. day. a really big 50th anniversary and we could not be more happy to present this. the mustang has universal appeal. to put it into perspective, it has over 5.5 million followers or fans on the spot. over half of them are outside of the u.s. in the four corners of the globe. it has universal appeal. it ignites a sense of freedom and optimism. it is very consistent. it transcends genders, demographics, and nations. >> allen mullally says it is part of the one afford plan that was put into motion -- one ford plan that was sent into motion years ago. >> also, to make something affordable. >> which was the idea of the pony car in the first place . world's fair,the they introduced the first mustang. it changed the auto industry. bowman was a great fourth car, -- it was a great driving car. >> you could not ge
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